Gorenje Ora ïto White

Gorenje Ora ïto Collection: Inspiration of light

Simplexity. Simple and complex. With unnecessary surplus taken away, only the clean design lines remain. The simple design that surrounds us today and tomorrow. Simple clean lines mirror design for the future when vision becomes reality. White. Or as the designer himself refers to in his language: Le blanc!  It captures the entire light of the world. Its purity and simplicity reveals every detail. Associated with white, design attains special meaning. Light derived from fusion of all colours allows no mistakes. The appliances of the special Gorenje Ora ïto Collection are therefore clad in white. There is nothing in excess, everything is here for a purpose, pampering and flirting with light and touch, and carefully outlined efficiency. The kitchen of whiteness provides each person with endless individual choice of articulation. He who thinks in colour will select white background. Only such setting can provide endless variety of tastes and odours, reality and imagination. In such kitchen it is possible to dream in any colour. With magic power of light! Think colours. Choose white.

Think colours. Choose white!

Today, Gorenje, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances is combining advanced technology with exclusive, distinctive design and high quality. With its innovative, technically perfect, stylish and environmentally friendly products Gorenje aims to become the most innovative, design-minded creator of home appliances in the world.

To make the exclusively designed stylish appliances more accessible to a wider audience, Gorenje started to collaborate with young French Designer Ora ïto. The result of this cooperation is the Gorenje Ora ïto Collection. First in black, now in white colour, with magic power of light.

Ora ïto: the worshipper of white

Behind the Ora ïto brand is a creative young French designer whose provocative ideas ensured his rapid assent to the very top of the design world. At the beginning of his career he presented his designs and ideas for the virtual products, undersigned by known brands on his own website. People began ordering products which did not exist. Large companies like Louis Vuitton, Nike, Gucci, Swatch, Apple and Levi’s, could have sued the young pretender but were so impressed by his designs, that they hired him instead.